Jersey Monthly Newsletter – February 2015

Jersey team has become more active in writing blog posts so I’ve decided to give it a try and publish a short summary of these posts and maybe something more at the end of each month. This first post focuses heavily on Jersey but I’d like to include interesting articles from more sources about the world of JAX-RS and REST services in the next months.

At the beginning I’d like to mention a page where you can always find information about the latest released Jersey 1.x and 2.x. This includes links to the release notes, API docs, user guide and a blog post related to that release. It’s called Latest Jersey Versions and it is available on this very site.

But lets get into more interesting stuff. One of the goals we had in our Jersey sprints in February was performance. Articles Jersey 2 Performance and Performance Improvements of Sub-Resource Locators in Jersey dive into the details what we did to improve performance in version 2.16 and provide comparison with older versions as well. We also prepared a set of tools to run benchmarks with your own JAX-RS (server/client) applications – they are described in Micro-Benchmarking JAX-RS Applications. Nobody’s perfect and we (our injection framework) had some memory leaks when an application was deployed on a servlet container like Tomcat/Jetty. Adam has been investigating this and he wrote a short article about finding memory leaks in Jersey applications on Tomcat. You can find it here – One Funny Thing Not to Forget While Profiling on Tomcat.

When it comes to improving features there are few things to mention. If you use, or thinking of using, CDI in your application then make sure to take a look at Container Agnostic CDI Support In Jersey where you learn how to integrate Jersey with CDI outside of Java EE. We got even further and enabled injection of JAX-RS components into pure CDI beans. Take a look at Jersey further improves CDI integration for more details. Speaking of CDI, I found a nice article about simplifying JAX-RS caching using CDI by Abhishek Gupta, Simplifying JAX-RS caching with CDI.

Our Entity Filtering feature has been improved as well and now it supports JSON media type handled via Jackson library. Overview of how you can use it and what to expect from this support is covered in Jersey’s Entity Filtering meets Jackson.

In the last month we released two Jersey versions – JAX-RS 2.0 reference implementation Jersey 2.16 and also Jersey 1.19 which is reference implementation of JAX-RS 1.1. The overview of notable changes, merged pull requests and important bug fixes are in the following posts – Jersey 2.16 has been released and Jersey 1.19 is released respectively.

Oh, I almost forgot about two other articles. Want to use MongoDB with Jersey? Upload file to MongoDB using Jersey 2 is there for you. And what about Docker and Jersey? Yes, dockerize your app!


If you feel like some other blog post or article mentioning Jersey or JAX-RS should   be here please let me know.