Jersey Monthly Newsletter – March 2015

You know how it is – better late than never. So, with a little delay here is the (Jersey) monthly newsletter for March.

Releases first. We released Jersey 2.17 (JAX-RS 2.0 reference implementation) in the middle of the month and now we’re preparing to release the next version. Folks from JBoss released RESTEasy 3.0.11.Final. The latest release of CXF is from February (version 3.0.4, containing some JAX-RS fixes).

Jersey team published (again!) a ton of blog posts. Almost all (except mine, of course :-) ) are worth reading and here is the list (ordered by date):

Other articles on JAX-RS / REST that I noticed (no ordering):

Interesting links (e.g. updates to existing tools etc.):

And, at the end one April prank from Adam – Get ready for Dronningmølle! aka Jersey Forced To Abandon Its Name.

If you feel like some other blog post or article mentioning Jersey or JAX-RS should   be here please let me know. Otherwise, enjoy and see you next month.