JAX-RS.next and Reactive Jersey Client – Slides from CZJUG presentations

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to speak at our local Java User Group meeting (CZJUG). I was covering two topics – JAX-RS.next and Reactive Jersey Client. In this post I’d like to share the used slide-decks and some additional resources.


With the advent of HTML5 and thin-server architectures, JAX-RS is becoming an increasingly important component of the Java EE platform. This presentation covers a few proposed enhancements and extensions to JAX-RS as part of Java EE 8. These proposals include better support for JSON (JSON-B), improved injection, enhanced support for hypermedia as well as declarative security, server-sent events, and MVC.

(Download the presentation in PDF format – JAX-RS.next – CZJUG 2015)

Reactive Jersey Client

Reactive Jersey Client API is quite a qeneric API allowing end users to utilize the popular reactive programming model when using JAX-RS (Jersey) Client. Together we’re going to take a look at an orchestration layer example where Jersey Client (sync, async, rx) would be used to obtain data from remote services and combine those data to construct a response for the calling party.

(Download the presentation in PDF format – Reactive Jersey Client – CZJUG 2015)


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